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The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (the Alliance) was launched on November 2, 2021 at COP26 with USD10 billion of committed capital to accelerate investment in green energy transitions and renewable energy solutions in developing and emerging economies.

The Role

This historic partnership leverages catalytic grant funding to unlock investment capital with the aim of mobilizing USD100 billion in public and private capital over the next decade to:

  • Reduce Carbon: Avoiding or averting over 4 billion tons of greenhouse gases
  • Expand Access: Extending sustainable, reliable, productive-use energy to 1 billion underserved people
  • Create Jobs: Enabling 150 million green jobs that generate inclusive economic growth
The Alliance serves as a platform for radical collaborative action and provides grant funding, technical assistance, and a range of financing options and facilities. The Alliance focuses on three types of energy projects:
  • Fossil fuel transition: Decommission & repurpose large, aging coal plants and installed diesel / HFO assets
  • Grid-based renewables: Deploy utility scale renewable generation, storage, distribution, and transmission assets
  • Distributed Renewable Energy: Scale mini-grid and roof-top solutions to offgrid & underserved communities
The development of the Alliance’s strategy in Uganda is well advanced and is completely aligned to government plans for the sector. It aims to increase the productive use of power by 5 million
users through three broad strands of activity:
Initiatives to drive an increase in grid connections. To facilitate this, GEAPP is designing a partial risk guarantee to derisk US 120million of investment by the Ugandan Development Bank and the main distribution utility, Umeme, in order to create 40,000 new connections this year and many hundreds of thousands of connections a year in future years.
By further developing pilots for next generation off-grid utilities (known as Utilities 2.0) which lie close to the grid and which can be connected in future. Working with partners, the Alliance is designing a facility and approach that aims to develop 1,800 such mini-grids over the coming years
Scaling up access to appliances for use in businesses in order to turn electricity into impactful socio-economic growth. The Alliance is designing a pan-African appliance facility with consumer and procurement subsidies that will allow companies to get appliances to the right places at an affordable price

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