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General Manager


Sierra Leone
The Role

The company supports the communities that they operate in through teaching organic farming best practices as well as environmental preservation. They aim to improve the quality of life for all stakeholders involved in the supply chain.
Planting Naturals aims to show that palm oil can not only bring positive economic support to communities but can also effectively preserve the environment when farmed correctly.
All of the palm oil produced by Planting Naturals is farmed by their 9,000 out growers and on their own estates, meaning that they have total ownership of the quality of what they are producing.

Main Responsibilities:

The main aim of the role is to effectively run and improve the day to day operations of the plantation and the mill, allowing the Executive team to focus on the commercial and financial aspects of the business.

Dimensions of the Role:

Leading the operation through its 5-year growth plan with effective people and operational management
Overseeing the running of the company’s 7,000ha oil palm plantation and 6,000 tonne oil plant
Quickly developing an understanding of the complexities of the operation’s supply chain and ensuring this is managed effectively
Identifying and implementing efficiencies within the production process as well as across logistics and supply chain to bring cost per unit down
Analysing the production process and introduce measures to improve yield
Ensuring that Oil Extraction Rate and Free Fatty Acids are kept at desirable levels
Regularly evaluating development of the operation, with a focus on ensuing an increased Return on Investment
Delivering comprehensive reporting to the Executive team, ensuring KPIs across the business are measured correctly and that improvements are easily tracked and demonstrated
Providing strong leadership, working closely with mid-senior management
Ensuring the operation remains both sustainable and organic by driving a disciplined culture of getting practices done right every time
Utilising modern technology to enable the business to reach its production targets

To apply for this role, please ensure that you have the following skills and experience:
5+ years’ experience at General Manager level
Experience within oil palm or similar (e.g. rubber)
Experience in remote/difficult locations, proven background working outside comfort zone (West Africa experience preferable)
Background either in a hands-on agronomic role or within oil milling
A disciplined approach, ensuring specific practices are done correctly every time
Flexible with an appreciation of what has changed in the industry and an enthusiasm to adopt the Planting Naturals principles
Comfortable utilising and introducing modern technology
The ability to identify and rectify performance issues
Strong communication skills with an appreciation for timely and accurate reporting
Culturally sensitive and respectful

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