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International Development

Manager, Demand and Enterprise Development (DED)

The Rockefeller Foundation is uniquely positioned to lead the development of large-scale, innovative partnerships that break down the silos between traditional utilities and disruptive new technologies, and unleash a new wave of last-mile electrification for the world’s energy poor communities with clean, reliable, and distributed energy resources.

The Role

To execute this vision The Foundation is establishing a dedicated collective action platform, “The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet”, to position clean energy at the nexus of inclusive economic development and action on climate change. This Global Energy Alliance will collaborate with stakeholders across the industry to unleash the full potential of distributed renewable energy (DRE) systems, including technologies such as mini-grids, grid-connected distributed generation and storage, renewable power solutions for industrial and commercial clusters, and stand-alone commercial appliances.

The organization will focus its resources in 10+ countries, primarily across Africa and Asia, to address key bottlenecks, develop the market, build the project pipeline and unlock collective action over a sustained period.

The position of Manager, Demand and Enterprise Development (DED) for The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet is a vital part of their commitment to enable upward economic mobility for 1 billion people by accelerating access to and consumption of reliable electricity in underserved, low-income communities by 2030, with a specific goal of reaching a minimum annual consumption of 300 / kwh per capita in our target communities.

The Manager, DED will work closely with the Managing Director, DED, other Global Energy Alliance staff and partners to create and refine a standardized DED strategy to support enterprise growth and economic development across our energy investments in various African countries.

Building on that strategy, the manager will work with partners, to support the design and implementation of closely linked in-country projects to ensure that energy drives economic development, supports improved livelihoods and ensures energy investments translate to equitable impact, particularly for women.

A critical component of the role will be to build private sector and other key partnerships, with a specific focus on enterprise development and agriculture partners to achieve our impact goals, as well as to support the creation of a network of in-country actors who will continue to support demand growth post Global Energy Alliance investments.

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Since 2007 Millar Cameron has specialised in sourcing leadership and keyperson talent across a number of industries, including agribusiness, international development, industrial, consumer, financial and professional services, private equity, and technology, media and telecommunications. Our mission and purpose is to positively contribute to the development of Africa, and other emerging markets, through the provision of people.

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