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International Development

Managing Director

The Managing Director, AGRF holds primary responsibility for the strategic direction of the AGRF and running the day to day business of its Secretariat as an independent, Pan-African, and multi-partner Forum. The position is responsible for strengthening and growing AGRF as the premier continental forum for advancing Africa’s agricultural agenda and driving the practical actions required to deliver on the goals set by African Heads of State and Governments in CAADP and the Malabo Declaration. The position particularly works with AGRF Partners and institutions across the agricultural sector to unlock and ensure actors come through on political, policy, and financing commitments required for Africa’s agricultural transformation.

The Role

The Managing Director oversees the AGRF Secretariat and relationships with the AGRF Partners Group to deliver results against strategic vision and objectives of the Forum. These include: agenda-setting; promoting policy changes; investment facilitation and finance; knowledge sharing and learning; partnerships development and coordination; leadership cultivation; and reporting and accountability against the commitments made in AGRF and progress against the targets laid out in CAADP to increase pressure for action. The Managing Director and AGRF Partners will expect to see progress over time in the Biennial Review of CAADP, with countries and regions seeing improvements in their agricultural sectors and the continent overall improving in key sub-sectors critical to an inclusive agricultural transformation in Africa.

Role Summary: 
The Managing Director, AGRF holds primary responsibility for the strategic direction of the AGRF and running the day to day business of its Secretariat as an independent, Pan-African, and multi-partner Forum. In particular, the position is responsible for designing and stewarding the multi-year strategy and annual work plan of AGRF as agreed with AGRF Partners, with efficient and effective delivery of all Secretariat operations. The Managing Director delivers on all governance requirements of the AGRF in alignment with its Partnership Charter and other underlying legal documents, and oversees or directly stewards relationships with all key stakeholders. The position shapes, implements, and follows up on the annual AGRF Summit as the pinnacle moment of the Forum’s progress and accountability each year, while also ensuring that the Forum and its thematic platforms leverage many other events throughout the year to amplify and deliver on its agenda. The Managing Director plays a lead role in strategically cultivating and stewarding AGRF’s thematic platforms and other technical business lines to align with the Forum’s strategic vision and come through on expectations and results. Throughout the year, the position oversees AGRF’s advocacy and communications function to amplify key knowledge and ideas related to AGRF’s vision and activities, as well as drive key moments and campaigns. The Managing Director continuously leads the Secretariat’s efforts to strengthen and grow the AGRF Partners Group for effectiveness and sustainability, with a responsibility to deliver fully on the Forum’s annual budget. The position also represents AGRF externally in key strategic events and with thought leadership to advance the agenda of the Forum. 
The role reports to the AGRF Partners Group on behalf of the Secretariat, as well as directly to AGRA President as the Forum’s and Secretariat’s legal host since moving to the African continent in 2010.   
Key Responsibilities:
AGRF Strategy and Management 
Design and implement 3 – 5-year strategy and annual works plans for the AGRF alongside the AGRA President and AGRF Partners Group that continuously enhances the Forum’s position and functioning as the premier platform for driving concrete action agendas to deliver Africa’s agricultural transformation. 
Lead the Forum and ensure all staff and key stakeholders buy into the Forum vision. 
Plan and implement long term business strategies to achieve the Forum’s objectives. 
Responsible for the Forum’s operating budget and finances, and review them on a regular basis with staff in all parts of the Division and the finance team. 
Mobilize resources required for the Forum and the sustainability of existing and new business lines. 
Fully staff the AGRF Secretariat and ensure high quality international and local service providers are in place to deliver on the forum throughout the year. Interview for senior positions within the Forum and sign off offers of employment. 
Oversee performance management processes for the Forum and individual staff members in all areas of the business. 
Oversee all Forum operations including finance, procurement, legal activities, audit, and human resources in compliance with policy. 
Continuously look to increase efficiencies and speed up processes across the business. 
Report results to the shareholders on a quarterly and annual basis. 
Participate actively as a member of the AGRA Executive Committee to ensure that the Forum is closely connected to AGRA’s programs and partnerships to advance the continental agenda and position AGRA as a go to partner for agricultural transformation in Africa. 
AGRF Advocacy, Communications, and Campaigns 
Oversee AGRF’s advocacy and communications functions to serve as a platform throughout the year on behalf of the agricultural community, amplifying key knowledge and information emanating from AGRF Partners, thematic platforms, and other stakeholders. 
Help rally audiences and stakeholders around key knowledge areas. 
Shape and prioritize an AGRF Advocacy and Communications calendar to advance strategic priorities through the work of the Secretariat and a “speakers bureau” of Partners and champions. 
Oversee the production and dissemination of key messages, press releases, knowledge products, and other  communications products. 
Oversee all of AGRF’s websites and communications platforms, including AGRF, Africa Food Prize, Generation Africa, and others as required. 
Advance select campaigns with coalitions from the AGRF Partners Group and beyond. 
Market the AGRF to a range of potential partners, speakers, and sponsors in a bid to attract high level partners and deliver a world class annual AGRF Summit. 
AGRF Governance and Partner Management 
Steward the Forum to deliver on all governance requirements of the AGRF Partnership Charter and other legal documents of its platforms, business lines, and partnerships. 
Prepare, hold, and follow up on AGRF Steering Committee and Partners Group meetings throughout the year. 
Respond to questions from the AGRF Steering Committee and Partners Group members. 
Prepare reports to the AGRA Board and its members as required. 
Oversee a partner relationship management system that ensure all AGRF Partners are engaged throughout the year for maximum strategic alignment and operational efficiency. 
Serve as the lead on government relations for AGRF with the Government of Rwanda as AGRF’s long-term home country, as well as with other host-countries of the annual AGRF Summit where appropriate and required. 
Serve as lead relationship manager to a few of AGRF’s largest partners as required. 
Serve as a Secretariat lead to the Africa Food Prize Committee on all elements of its governance, business, and work plan. 
Ensure management of bilateral grant agreements to ensure timely and quality delivery of all requirements and ensure AGRF is managing these proactively as strategic partnerships to deliver broadly against AGRF’s vision. 
External Engagement and Thought Leadership 
Represent and speak on behalf of AGRF at key strategic forums and events (e.g. WEF, AU, CAADP PP, EDD, WFP, etc…) throughout the year. 
Produce select pieces of thought leadership throughout the year for dissemination on AGRF communications channels. 
AGRF Partnership and Resource Mobilization 
Strengthen and grow the AGRF Partners Group as an alliance of institutions aligned to a common strategy and contributing resources of all types to deliver on the forum’s priority outcomes. 
Secure new AGRF Partners, Technical and Knowledge Partners, Media Partners, and Annual Sponsors. 
Ensure the Forum is fully funded on an annual and multi-year basis against its approved budget. 
Develop and manage a few strategic partnerships with other major forums (e.g. World Economic Forum, Africa CEO Forum, EAT Forum, Malabo Montpellier Panel) and/or major initiatives (e.g. GAFSP, AFSLD) where helpful to advancing AGRF’s strategic vision. 
AGRF Summit and Events 
Effective and efficient development, execution, and follow up of a world class annual AGRF Summit. 
Oversee the development of a high quality AGRF Summit program, aligned with Partner priorities and anchored in cutting edge knowledge, lessons, and partnerships. 
Oversee the finalization of the AGRF theme, technical content, and marketing and communications materials with the Secretariat staff and service providers. 
Oversee effective venue design, space and room allocation, and other logistical features to deliver on the vision of success for the Summit. 
Ensure timely invitations, information, and thank you notes to Summit VIPs, speakers, and all delegates. 
Co-Chair the AGRF Command Post and Local Organizing Committee for the Summit along with leadership from the host government to ensure an efficient and effective planning and implementation process. 
Oversee the finalization and distribution of the Summit report. 
Work with AGRF Partners and Thematic Platforms to strategically choose other events throughout the year that AGRF will leverage for its agenda and who will serve as the best representatives. 
Amplify and store all knowledge products and key communications from the Summit and engagement with other events. 
AGRF Thematic Platforms 
Work with AGRF Partners and institutions through the agricultural sector to advance thematic platforms that will unlock new political, policy, and financing commitments and action agendas required for Africa’s agricultural transformation. 
Monitor, track, and report on commitments on an annual basis as a means of accountability and in order to highlight and celebrate progress of the AGRF overall and each of its thematic platforms. 
Cultivate, steward, and oversee connections with AGRF’s thematic platforms and other technical business lines to align with the Forum’s strategic vision and come through on expectations and results. 
Manage the Generation Africa Initiative and Secretariat to come through on its strategic vision. 
Manage any other Thematic Platforms that become hosted by the AGRF over time. 
Manage the strategic vision and growth of the Africa Food Prize as the premier prize for recognizing those contributing to agricultural transformation on the continent. 
Foster strategic linkages with externally hosted platforms that align well with AGRF’s vision and strategic objectives, such as leadership academies hosted in AGRF Partners. 
Minimum of 15 years of progressive experience in a similar role requiring management experience, direct executive engagement with a CEO and Board of Directors. 
Demonstrated ability to achieve results and drive complex work to conclusion, including driving results through others. 
Location and Travel:
Based in Kigali, Rwanda, with a satellite office of AGRF in Nairobi, Kenya alongside AGRA’s Headquarters. Frequent travel at regional and international level, approximately 35% per year.

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