Edward King

Edward King

Sales Director

Like many job hunters, when I graduated in History and Economics I had a series of disappointing experiences with recruitment consultancies. Certain I could do far better, I resolved to become a recruitment consultant myself, determined to give clients and candidates an unrivalled service.

From the moment I joined Millar Cameron in 2009 I was blown away by the innovative approach, engaging sectors and markets, and how deeply the team cares about both candidates and clients.

It’s great how my role has evolved since, and I’m now responsible for managing the London office, developing and promoting Millar Cameron strategy and fostering excellence within the business.

I believe in solutions-based problem solving, supporting and enhancing recruitment strategies to overcome even the most challenging requirements, and I’m passionate about bringing people together to build strong companies and meaningful careers.

Outside of recruitment I’m an avid sports fan, a keen runner, squash player and solid golfer. Currently, you’ll find me removing fireplaces and knocking down walls at the weekends as I renovate my home that people politely call a ‘project’.

Let me help you build a better team or a better career. Get in touch at edward.king@millarcameron.com

+44 2079 534 082
ed-millarcameron (Skype)