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Director of People

Poa Internet is a multiple award winning, Kenyan based Internet Service Prover at the forefront of providing internet connectivity into underserved communities throughout Africa.

Nairobi, Kenya
The Role

The business started 5 years ago in Kibera Nairobi and has seen rapid growth making it already the 4th largest ISP in Kenya. Thanks to this ongoing success, exponential growth, and further investment, they now require a Director of People to ensure the values of the business become engrained into the organisation, as well as introducing structured systems and rigour into the People department, and developing an EVP for existing and future members of the business.

Ultimately, Poa’s goal is to facilitate internet services into every home in Africa, and as such they have developed a proprietary platform that revolutionises Internet delivery to provide reliable, pre-paid, home and public internet services at an incredibly affordable price.

As Poa continues to scale its Kenyan operations, their plans will increase the team from around 70 employees today, to over 500 within the next few years.

The Director of People is critical to reach this objective.

Key Responsibilities for this role:

To establish Poa as the number one preferred employer of choice in Kenya with a robust pipeline of outstanding candidates to allow them to achieve this as they grow.
To own all aspects of attracting, developing and retaining the best people. Create EVP, organise and carry out recruiting campaigns, to develop a constant pipeline of new staff.
To guarantee and promote culture and values within Poa, always striving for a valued, engaged and committed workforce.
To create and maintain a comprehensive onboarding programme for all new Poa employees that outlines company expectations, inculcates Poa values, and sets employees up with the information they need to succeed.
To ensure performance management integrates employee skills & competencies and Poa values into the day to day.
To champion continuous training and development initiatives that spans the employee life cycle to help employees achieve their potential and continuously grow.
To ensure onboarding is carried out.
To add rigour and process into the People department, ensuring systems are in place to allow the business to continue growing.
Complete an audit of all existing processes and documentation and ensure legal compliance for existing and former employees. Make improvements to systems and processes where required.
To develop marketing collateral to be used in talent attraction campaigns.
To regularly implement compensation and benefits analysis so the business remains competitive in the market.

Key measures of success for this role:

Poa attracts A players to support its growth trajectory.
Poa staff Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the highest in the country, across any industry
Poa is a leader in quality documentation, structure and process for all aspects of people management, and operates in full compliance with legal, HR requirements
Poa culture is engrained, and people are living our values on a daily basis.
The culture is contagious and is evidenced by high employee engagement

Required capabilities:

More than 10 years relevant HR experience, with a strong understanding of Kenyan employment law
Must have built and delivered HR strategies for high growth companies transitioning from start-up to growth phase
Must have translated company values into a company culture and the effect on employees.
Has built an attractive employer brand that showcases company culture & values
Must have had full budgetary responsibility for the People department including planning, forecasting and strategy
An analytical nature who finds solutions to questions and embraces data.
A high level of intellect

Reporting and Location

This role reports to the COO and is based in Nairobi, Kenya

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