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11th Jan 2022

A message from Conor O'Callaghan, Managing Partner and Founder

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11th Jan 2022

Times have been challenging for all of us, 2021 has proven to be another year where it has been hard to plan, and outcomes have been somewhat unforeseen.

It has been no different for Millar Cameron and I remain indebted to my team who have continued to work tirelessly to seek solutions for our clients.

A special thank you goes out to our clients, both established and new, the roles and mandates we have received continue to challenge and motivate us. We are grateful for the business and are delighted with our results.

On the candidate side people are willing to discuss new opportunities however understandably many are concerned about moving in what has been a destabilizing time. Thankfully there are always solutions, and we continue to successfully conclude the majority of our assignments through our rigorous research-driven process. From a market perspective the demand for leadership talent has remained high in technology, renewable energy, healthcare and international development.

Clients are looking at more innovative ways to hire and onboard new colleagues. The use of technology and expediting recruitment processes continues to see the most forward-thinking clients attract the best talent.

Institutionally Millar Cameron has seen some great changes. Our office in Kenya, under the ward of Cecilia and Sheila has shown that our East African clients enjoy a local relationship. In addition, we have colleagues working with us in South Africa and France. Our working life has changed with the adoption of hybrid working, and we remain a highly collaborative team thanks to investing greatly into our internal technology solutions.

I am immensely proud of the achievements of our team and delighted with the recent promotions at Millar Cameron, Victoria Bowden has become Head of Research, Angus Collett has become a Partner, and Hamish Scragg and Marie Brodefeld have both been promoted to Senior Consultant.

The introduction of Jayne Maxwell, Justin Wharton and Tim Beckh has proven to be highly successful and has really added to the tapestry of Millar Cameron and recent new hires, including Daniela, Kate, Marc and Oliver into our team lends itself to a real sense of hope.

At Millar Cameron we recognise the impact of our work both on the clients we partner with and society at large. We understand the critical responsibility of our work, remain proud of our results, and continue to make a difference.

It is hard to predict what the year ahead will look like. Business will be as usual, and we will continue to work tirelessly to unpick and deliver on even the most challenging searches. We believe that our core markets will remain buoyant, namely international development, power, technology and agribusiness. We plan to introduce new recruitment products into the market to ensure we remain ahead of the curve, we are willing to disrupt, and we will continue to deepen our relationships with our clients.

I wish you a very happy holidays and look forward to collaborating further in 2022.

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