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Our experience and knowledge of the technology & telecommunications sector in emerging markets puts us in an ideal position to handle your next senior management challenge.

Our Expertise
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Technology is changing the world very quickly, with technology & telecommunications (T&T) companies leading this disruption. In recent years, we have seen seismic changes in the way businesses operate in many sectors as they harness technologies to improve productivity, reduce their reliance on more labour-intensive practices, drive efficiencies and ultimately improve profits.

The appetite for digital technologies in Africa continues to grow with increasing demand for fintech, e-commerce and video streaming services as internet access and take-up has improved year-on-year.

T&T is a hugely exciting sector to be involved in with vast potential for businesses of all sizes and in all parts of the supply chain. However, there are still major challenges to be overcome in Africa where connectivity continues to be a major issue, particularly outside the major conurbations. Digital inclusion and complex regulatory structures remain potential barriers to growth.

Telecoms operators are under particular pressure to evolve their business models and service offerings in response to increasing competition from challenger providers outside the sector, reduced network investments and the rise of digital media and mobile technology.

Innovative leaders with the vision and capabilities to tackle these complex issues and develop new revenue streams are in high demand.

Our experience in Africa, and other emerging markets, combined with our executive search credentials, puts us in an ideal position to help you attract the right leaders for your T&T business.

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