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25th Mar 2024

Meet the Team: An Interview with Rose Mwende

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25th Mar 2024

We sat down with Senior Consultant, Rose Mwende, to find out more about her career, why she chose Millar Cameron and what she finds most rewarding about her role.


What’s your current role at Millar Cameron?

I serve as a Senior Consultant specialising in executive search and talent solutions within the international development sector across Africa.

In my role, I engage with our current clients to understand their hiring requirements and plans, ensuring we support them in finding the right talent through our meticulous delivery process.

Additionally, I actively seek out new business opportunities through which we can expand our reach through our service offerings.

Why executive search? What led you to a career in this space?

It's funny how life can take unexpected turns, right? My background is in Computer Science, and I've spent years working in software sales and project management. My journey into executive search wasn't exactly planned—it just sort of happened, and I'm grateful it did!

After being immersed in the IT world for eight years, I felt a strong pull toward people development and wanted to explore that passion further. That's when I stumbled upon an opportunity in a startup within the recruitment industry. I joined the organization and worked on business development, service delivery for recruitment, and developed systems and processes to enhance both the client and candidate experiences throughout the recruitment journey.

Working across various positions, sectors, and functions throughout the continent has been an eye-opening adventure. What truly brings me joy is connecting exceptional candidates and outstanding organizations. I thrive on creating these meaningful connections and fostering new relationships—it's what keeps my enthusiasm for executive search alive and kicking.


What made you choose Millar Cameron?

My initial introduction to Millar Cameron happened during a meeting with the founder, Conor, and Senior Partner, Marta. I was struck by their friendly yet firm and honest demeanour—a sneak peek into the Millar Cameron culture.

As subsequent meetings unfolded, I discovered that it is a collaborative environment filled with individuals who excel in their roles, are genuinely caring, and possess a go-getter attitude. It was this dynamic culture that drew me to want to be part of their team.

Furthermore, I was impressed by the talent solutions Millar Cameron provides, their impactful work across Africa, and their focused sectors of expertise. These aspects resonated deeply with me and fueled my desire to join such a forward-thinking and impactful organization.

How would you describe Millar Cameron and the work you do?

The work I'm involved in is both intense and deeply fulfilling. We approach our clients and the services we offer with great seriousness, which is reflected in our thorough delivery process and our interactions with both clients and candidates. Each assignment presents an opportunity for us to make a meaningful impact on the organizations we serve and the individuals we engage with.

We prioritise delivering talent solutions that offer a professional and pleasant experience that meets the expected outcomes for both clients and candidates. This level of commitment is what motivates me every day, and it's a commitment that is shared throughout our team.

Millar Cameron is unique in their passion for and focus on roles in sub-Saharan Africa and emerging markets.  Do you have a tie to these countries?

Born and raised in Kenya, I've always been purposeful in leveraging my expertise to contribute to the development and advancement of Africa. The continent is brimming with immense potential and talent, evident in the evolving global landscape.

I take pride in being situated in Africa, where I can actively participate in and witness the transformative changes and growth unfolding within the market. It's a privilege to be part of this exciting journey and to contribute to Africa's development.

Recruiting for senior management, director and C-suite positions requires a unique skill set. How do you prepare your candidates for the recruitment process at this level?

Recruiting for senior management, director, and C-suite positions necessitates strong relationship management skills, professionalism, and transparent communication with candidates. Our approach involves building a strong rapport with candidates, providing comprehensive information to aid their decision-making process, and supporting them through what can sometimes be a lengthy and intricate recruitment journey.

Preparing candidates at this level entails thoroughly explaining the role and the organization. We invest time in understanding the organizations we collaborate with so that we can effectively convey their narrative. Additionally, we guide candidates through two internal interview stages to gain a deep understanding of their experience and how it aligns with the role's requirements.

Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication, keep candidates updated, and provide valuable feedback to ensure a positive experience for them.


Is there any one single placement which you are most proud of? Or feel has had the greatest impact on the communities you are so passionate about?

I find immense satisfaction in my work within the international development sector because it allows me to engage directly with organizations and individuals who are making a significant impact on the African continent.

One of the organizations I've had the privilege to collaborate with is Seed Global Health, a non-profit dedicated to educating and equipping a generation of healthcare professionals capable of delivering high-quality medical care in Africa. Their operations span across Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, and Sierra Leone.

I've been involved in supporting Seed Global Health in recruiting crucial roles: Director of Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning, and Director of Finance. As Seed Global Health expands its initiatives in these countries, it's fulfilling to contribute to this by identifying talented individuals who will play pivotal roles in their journey.

Engaging with candidates across Africa who are driving positive change in the public health sector has been a truly rewarding experience for me. It's these meaningful connections and opportunities to facilitate impactful placements that keep me passionate about my work in international development.

What do you see as the biggest recruitment opportunity and conversely challenge, currently playing out within the international development space over the next 12 months?

Two significant shifts that I have observed in the international development sector are concerning localisation and funding.

Firstly, there's a notable emphasis on localisation within organisations operating in international development. This has sparked numerous discussions on how best to implement this.

From a recruitment standpoint, there's an opportunity to delve into how localisation strategies impact local hiring needs. What specific skills will be in demand within each country, and where does the current talent pool stand? Moreover, how does this shift affect compensation policies within organisations?

At Millar Cameron, we tailor our talent solutions to meet the needs of the organisations we work with. Apart from the end to end executive search service, we assist organisations in developing talent pipelines, establishing competency frameworks, and gaining insights into the talent landscape through talent mapping exercises.

Secondly, there's a noticeable shift in the funding landscape, with fundraising becoming increasingly competitive and demanding greater accountability, in line with shifting donor priorities. This shift has led to heightened demand for resource mobilisation talent, creating new opportunities for us to support organisations in navigating these changes effectively by identifying talent in this space.

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