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Mining & Natural Resources

Our experienced team works in partnership with clients dedicated to mining and natural resources in Africa and other markets. We enable you to identify the professionals whose expertise makes the difference.

Our Expertise
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The impact of minerals and natural resources in our daily lives is more important than many of us realise. Without these mineral resources the life we lead would be hugely impacted and the way we live and thrive could be severely curtailed. The effect of mining and natural resources on not only emerging markets but also the developed world is often greatly underestimated.

With the advent of NetZero, localization, deglobalization, and other geopolitical drivers and incentives we will see more pressure being put to play in mineral rich countries, many of which are in emerging markets, such as Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and FSU.

Our experienced team specialise in sourcing key executives, managerial and technical talent for a wide range of mining and natural resources businesses across Africa and other emerging markets around the world.

We work in partnership with our clients and have a nuanced understanding of the market contexts and pressures in the resources sector and the impact these criteria have on recruitment effectiveness. Our team are dedicated to supporting you to tackle certain recruitment issues, think outside the box and find solutions to these challenges and reduce the risk to your commercial endeavours.

Placed Roles

  • Executive & Management
    Managing Director, General Manager, Country Manager, Country Head, Chief Financial Officer, Finance Director
  • Exploration & Mining
    Head of Exploration, Exploration Manager, Mine Manager, Process Manager, Manager Metallurgy, Technical Services Manager
  • HR and H&S
    Head of SHE, Manager SHE, HR Director, Human Resources Manager
  • Investment
    Investment Relations Manager
  • Engineering & Project Management
    Head of Maintenance, Engineering Manager, Executive Projects, Project Manager, Contracts Manager

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