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Our Reach

We are Africa specialists with a global network of clients, candidates, sources and contacts.

Executive placements in 41 African countries

with 1,700 leaders placed in 94 countries globally

Irrespective of the search, the majority of our roles require borderless outreach and international search activity. Thanks to our commitment to international recruiting we have profound talent pools that allow us to search the global market.

We collaborate across geographies and sectors to ensure best-in-class candidates are always considered. As sector boundaries become increasingly fluid, many of our clients recognise the importance of identifying and assessing leaders that can transition sectors effectively.

In support of our desire to carry out the most comprehensive search, we employ a truly diverse and international team, working with colleagues who have a breadth of linguistic and cultural capability.

We have:

  • Successfully concluded searches in 94 countries globally, including 41 African countries.
  • Represented 136 different nationalities.
  • 1,700 leadership placements, over 30% of which have been within Francophone and Lusophone environments.

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