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FSC Indigenous Foundation

Expanding the team at FSC Indigenous Foundation

Millar Cameron have had the pleasure of supporting FSC IF expand their management team and support their international growth.

FSC Indigenous Foundation
  • Location: Latin America and Africa
  • Sector: International Development and Conservation
  • Service: Executive Search

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organisation focused on forest sustainability and responsible management of forests globally. In 2019, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) established the FSC Indigenous Foundation (FSC IF) with the mission to unlock the enabling environment to secure Indigenous People’s rights and promote sustainable forest-based solutions, ensuring the values, rights, livelihoods and territories of Indigenous Peoples are incorporated into forest and climate change governance.

The FSC IF are the implementing partner of a FSC IF and Global Development Alliance Program: Indigenous Peoples Alliance for Rights and Development (IPARD) funded by USAID, FSC, and the private sector. The IPARD Program has three key objectives: Organising a capacity building program for Indigenous People’s organisations and stakeholders; Fostering an enabling environment for the recognition, effective participation and joint decision-making by Indigenous Peoples and Promoting the sustainable development of Indigenous Peoples based on sustainable economic models.

Victoria Bowden

DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION - In early 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Millar Cameron were brought on board to help recruit a Director of Finance and Administration for FSC IF. The role was in conjunction with a Global Revenue Manager position for FSC. Among other requirements, we endeavoured to find a candidate with a strong finance background who understood the development world and had experience working with USAID. During our search process we identified an exceptional candidate who was a good fit for the role given his background working across US, Africa and Europe and who had the skills and passion necessary to join the FSC IF team as the Director of Finance and Administration.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR - Whilst this recruitment was ongoing, we were asked to execute a search to bring on board the IPARD Program Director. For this position, we needed to find an exceptional candidate who could drive and lead the program. The role required extensive experience working with Indigenous Peoples, along with managing a complex program that had a focus on capacity building, indigenous economies, and business partnerships. We utilised our network of contacts within the development space to cover the Latin America market to bring on board a candidate who met the key criteria, with a wealth of senior management experience within the space. Additionally, they were happy to be based at the heart of FSC IF in Panama and had the requisite passion and expertise to drive the Program forward.

DEPUTY DIRECTOR - Following a successful year of the IPARD Program, Millar Cameron were contacted to identify the perfect candidate as the Deputy Director – this was part of the Program’s global development as it was to be the first hire focused outside of Latin America. With a broad geographic remit to bring on board someone based in Africa, we were able to focus on our key geography and long-standing area of expertise. For this position, we were tasked with finding candidates with deep knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and their rights, a background in advocacy, experience working with USAID funded programs and strong management experience. The candidates coming into this role had to be comfortable being the first hire in Africa and have the relevant experience to build and shape the Africa direction of the IPARD program. Through this process we met some amazing candidates, who all held the key values of FSC IF close to their heart. The chosen candidate had an undeniable passion for FSC IF work as well as the network and expertise to develop the IPARD Program’s Africa focus.

PROGRAM LEAD FOR BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS AND INDIGENOUS ECONOMIES - The next position Millar Cameron were engaged with was a Program Lead for Business Partnerships and Indigenous Economies. This position required an exceptional candidate who had strong knowledge of indigenous economies and economic improvement strategies. They needed to have worked extensively with local communities/indigenous communities across Latin America or Africa and, like all FSC IF positions, be deeply passionate about the work. This position was a complex one with multiple areas the candidate could come from. We identified a candidate with strong experience in program management within the development space, as well as experience in social investment and a strong academic background, who was enthusiastic about using their economic development work to have a positive impact on indigenous communities.

PROGRAM LEAD FOR MONITORING, EVALUATION AND LEARNING - The most recent position Millar Cameron have supported on this year is a Program Lead for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. This position was important in connecting the three key objectives of the IPARD Program, ensuring that monitoring and evaluation strategies were developed and implemented across the program. In addition to this the social learning factor was a large part of the role, and therefore identifying a candidate who has experience in this area, along with experience working with indigenous communities, was crucial. During our process we identified a brilliant candidate who fulfilled the key requirements of the position, whose values aligned FSC IF’s values, and who also brought with her wide geographic experience across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

It has been an incredible pleasure to support FSC IF with their recruitment over the past two and a half years. The work being done by the organisation is of the upmost importance, and throughout all processes we have been privileged to meet candidates who are passionate about their own work and the work being done by FSC IF. The team are an absolute joy to work with, their energy and enthusiasm makes every search exciting, and we are looking forward to building the relationship for hopefully many years to come!

Victoria Bowden, Head of Research at Millar Cameron


If you would like to find out more about our specific expertise, or talk to a member of our team about your next senior hire, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.

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