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Miro Forestry

Search for an Executive Chair for Miro Forestry

Development finance organisation CDC Group engaged Millar Cameron to search for an Executive Chair for MIRO Forestry, a pioneering, sustainable FSC certified plantation, forestry and timber products business, leading sector transformation across West Africa and delivering measurable positive social and environmental impact goals.

Miro Forestry
  • Executive Chair
  • Location: West Africa
  • Sector: Forestry
  • Services: Executive Search

Miro Forestry is a pioneering sustainable FSC certified plantation, forestry and timber products business, leading sector transformation across west Africa whilst delivering measurable positive social and environmental impact goals.


Miro Forestry which employs 2,000 people in London, Sierra Leone and Ghana, recently raised $50 million in investment and was at a key stage of its development, having reached the final stage of a long fund-raising process that would enable significant investments to be made into its processing and manufacturing businesses.

The current Chair was looking to take a step back from the business and the investors wanted to bring in an Executive with expertise in taking a forestry business through industrial transformation

The key challenge was to find someone that had both a demonstrable track record of operating in dynamic, emerging environments, as well as significant exposure to leading timber processing practices typically found in more developed markets.

This was an opportunity to play an important role in helping a business at a key transition point in its development. We were thrilled that we were able to identify and attract an exceptional candidate who met the requirements of a wide range of stakeholders. We look forward to continuing to partner with Miro Forestry and we are confident that through our robust processes and expertise, they have engaged an Executive Chair that will contribute to the ongoing success of this unique business.

Tom Jeffes- Senior Partner, Millar Cameron


We identified key global areas which are hubs for similar timber and forestry product processing and specifically the organisations which had been through comparable industrial transformations. Once these businesses had been identified, we worked to identify the leaders that had driven this transition.

We then began making our first approaches to our target list with the objective of presenting both our client and the opportunity and generating a longlist of active and engaged candidates.

Our deep regional and sector knowledge together with the strength of our partnership with our client enabled us to then begin a rigorous candidate assessment process.

From our longlist, we identified candidates who had demonstrated the background, abilities and accomplishments to drive a forestry business through industrial transformation while creating a positive social and environment impact. In addition, we assessed whether they had the personal characteristics required in terms of emotional intelligence, personal resilience, communication skills and other attributes required to be successful in the African countries that the business operates in.


After a competitive interview process, the nominations committee and shareholders identified their preferred candidate, who was living in Finland at the time.

The candidate had a very strong background in the international forestry and timber products sector and particular strengths in taking business through an industrialisation transformation.

This appointment coincided with the successful closing of the funding raise.

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