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6th May 2021

Executive and professional search solutions for the TMT sector

Our experienced TMT team works with organisations that are contributing to a fully connected Africa, working towards complete digital and financial inclusion. We enable you to identify professionals to drive innovation across TMT.

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6th May 2021

There is little argument that TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) has had a significant effect on the socio-economic development of Africa and will continue to do so. Increasingly African companies and entrepreneurs are attracting global capital investment and international corporations continue to focus on Africa as a key growth market.

The African continent continues to evolve with urban growth and an increasingly young population driving demand for new digital services such as technology driven microfinance, mobile money, alternative energy, data centres, apps, health tech, e-gov, OTT services, payTV, content production and gaming. This serves to increase the need for secure and reliable network infrastructure and data storage facilities, an area which continues to be underserved, but attracting significant investment to increase capability and capacity.


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