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Poa! Internet

Creative cross-industry search to augment and diversify Poa!'s SLT.

As Poa! Internet prepares for international expansion, moving one step closer to achieving their mission of "internet in every African home", Millar Cameron continues to support their senior talent acquisition to fuel this growth.

Poa! Internet
  • Managing Director, Kenya
  • Location: East Africa
  • Sector: Technology & Telecommunications
  • Services: Executive Search

Poa! Internet is a Kenyan based Internet Service Provider at the forefront of providing connectivity into underserved communities throughout Africa. Having grown rapidly and expanded across Kenya in 2023, in part driven by previous placements Millar Cameron made, Poa!'s priority was cementing the Kenyan leadership team by hiring a Managing Director to oversee the company's core market as the founding team look to international expansion in 2024.


As a company growing rapidly against the backdrop of a mature and consolidated telco industry, Poa! is a unique business in Kenya. Desiring a Kenyan leader, Poa!'s circumstance greatly reduced the possibility of targeting directly comparable companies in market. We were therefore faced with a trade-off between industry expertise and successful experience operating in a high growth scale-up environment.

Conor O’Callaghan

Conor O’Callaghan

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The Millar Cameron team not only identified exceptional candidates from a range of (often unique) backgrounds, but were also able to pre-empt the strengths and concerns we would see in each candidate, and act as a thought partner throughout the decision making process.

Chris Rhodes, Poa! Internet


Working with the founding team, and complemented by further opinions gathered from leaders across the business, we extracted the fundamentals of Poa!'s business model, and systematically assessed other high growth industries/companies where individuals are most likely to possess intersectional and transferable skillsets.

Concurrently, we also shortlisted candidates from mature telco businesses that displayed potential to thrive in high growth companies, either via their prior experience, or via our in-depth interview process, character assessment, and referencing process.

The Poa! team were ultimately able to make decisions with the confidence that all search avenues had been effectively explored and assessed.


Poa! were ultimately able to secure a Kenyan candidate with:

  • International leadership experience spanning global businesses and high growth scale-ups
  • Prior experience transitioning effectively between industries, several of which are highly relevant to Poa!'s business model (e.g., tech enabled; key focus on consumer unit economics)
  • Consistent proven positive results and a sincere alignment to Poa!'s values and mission


If you would like to find out more about our specific expertise, or talk to a member of our team about your next senior hire, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.

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