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Tracy Dawson
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Tracy Dawson



The mighty continent of Africa, Afrika, Alkebulan - is an awakening giant, and will become a leading global economy in due course. It's inevitable. We have the opportunity to leapfrog so-called 'developed economies' thanks to technology and data in the hands of Africa's people. African leaders of today will be remembered tomorrow for the role they played in steering this continent to prosperity. I match exceptional talent to impactful initiatives, and actively promote a Unified Africa and the world's largest free trade area (soon).

Tracy Dawson

Tracy Dawson is a pioneering figure in the world of executive search and talent acquisition. A founding board member of the Businesswomen of Africa Collective, and with over a dozen years leading the Africa Practice at a prestigious Global Search firm, Tracy brings unmatched expertise and a global perspective. Her primary focus on the Global South allows her to harness her extensive relationship equity, connecting talented individuals with transformative opportunities.

Tracy has undertaken critical appointments in diverse sectors, from Education and EdTech to Financial Services, Healthcare, and Infrastructure. She is most comfortable in the C-Suite, where she seeks Human Capital solutions to organisational performance and growth.

Specialist Expertise

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