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Manufacturing and processing industries are currently under-represented across the African continent with today’s industrial output less than one-third of Latin America’s and one-fifth of East Asia’s.

As the continent looks to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth, the expansion of manufacturing and processing capabilities to create activity in the value chain are key.

Greater investment and the growth of the sector will bring challenges with finding experienced and innovative leaders who have the skills and expertise to enter a new market or maintain or expand market position when faced with increasing competition.

At Millar Cameron, we have over a decade of experience partnering with many of the key businesses within the sector; we have an unrivalled network, deep geographical understanding, established talent pools and linguistic capabilities to deliver the top talent that businesses are looking for.

We have successfully undertaken search assignments for organisations in a wide range of industry sectors, including agricultural processing, food processing, textiles, chemical & pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, and building materials.

Industrial sub-sectors

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