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Power and Infrastructure

Reliable and affordable energy is key to economic growth and social wellbeing and with so many of Africa’s population without access to electricity, the imperative to develop new sources of generation and supply is critical.

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The scale of the challenge and the need to provide energy and other national infrastructure in a sustainable and climate conscious way is a significant but essential step to growth in the continent.

Africa’s power & infrastructure sectors are undergoing a revolution.  Still behind developed nations, the continent is catching up fast, leap-frogging traditional approaches, pioneering new technologies and developing innovative business models.

In this environment, finding the right talent whether from Africa or from overseas, is vital to enable businesses to prosper, the infrastructure to be built and the potential of the continent to be realised.

The Millar Cameron power & infrastructure team has a proven track record of finding, assessing and placing senior executives and non-executives for a wide range of energy, infrastructure and construction businesses.  It also services the private and public sector investment communities financing these fast-growing industries.

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