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Talent Mapping

We help you to identify talent gaps within your organisation, assess the skills and development potential of your existing staff and help you to plan for any strategic hires that may be required.

Our Expertise
Our Solutions

To succeed in delivering your organisation’s commercial aims, you will need a robust talent strategy to identify and deal with any gaps, particularly in your senior management and leadership team.

We offer a talent mapping service to help you to identify the skills and development potential of key individuals within your organisation. Where talent gaps are identified, we will partner with you to attract new individuals with the specific skills, behaviours and traits required to support your organisation’s talent strategy and broader commercial aims.

Alongside this, we undertake a salary benchmarking survey for your key strategic roles to ensure that your remuneration packages are competitive and in line with the expectations of existing and future senior managers and leaders.

At Millar Cameron, we have been partnering with employers and organisations in Africa since 2007. With our experience, expertise and comprehensive network of contacts, we are ideally placed to support our clients in realising their talent retention and attraction strategies.

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