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Our specialised conservation team excels in identifying top-tier executives who lead transformative conservation initiatives. With our expertise in executive search, we provide your organisation with the strategic leadership necessary to confront environmental challenges with confidence.

Our Expertise
Our Sectors

As conservation emerges as a critical tool in combating climate change, attracting and retaining the most talented and committed individuals becomes essential. Leveraging our expertise, we help you navigate the complexities of recruiting leaders who can drive impactful conservation programs, even in remote and sometimes unstable working conditions.

The urgency of conservation:

The unsustainable use of fossil fuels and the overexploitation of natural resources have resulted in climate-warming emissions at a rate too high for immediate mitigation. Coupled with a growing global population, predicted to reach nearly 11 billion by 2100, the effects of human impact on the earth are increasingly evident. We are witnessing an accelerated loss of biodiversity, rising deforestation and desertification, and a diminished capacity of oceans to absorb excess carbon dioxide. Scientists warn that without drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions within the next decade, the consequences for our planet and humanity will be catastrophic.

A multi-faceted approach:

Conservation efforts are adopting a multi-faceted approach to address these threats. To meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, there is a growing need for partnerships among key players in the conservation, public, and private sectors. This has led to a higher demand for individuals skilled in addressing issues such as food security, renewable energy, and policy-making, all while prioritising urgent conservation needs.

Engaging policymakers and the private sector:

The global demand for unsustainable resource consumption presents a lucrative yet short-sighted reward for developing economies. Conservation organisations often struggle to engage policymakers and the private sector in protecting natural resources due to a lack of immediate incentives. Our extensive network comprises talented and passionate individuals committed to addressing these challenges.

Driving urgent conservation efforts:

As conservation efforts become increasingly urgent and widespread, the need for the right individuals to lead these initiatives is crucial. Our conservation team is dedicated to identifying individuals who will drive critical changes in humanity’s response to climate change and are passionate about developing regional talent in areas where ecosystem conservation is most impactful.

Our reach:

We proudly partner with a diverse array of organizations, including:

  • Local and Global NGOs and Charities: Protecting species, landscapes, natural resources, and indigenous rights.
  • Campaigning and Advocacy Groups: Challenging ecocide and championing climate justice.
  • Philanthropies: Providing essential financial support and infrastructure for climate initiatives.
  • Research Organizations: Developing climate solutions.
  • Sustainability-led Companies: Addressing issues in supply chains, agriculture, and responsible procurement.

Placed Roles

  • Country Director, Gabon
    World-leading conservation organisation
  • Director of Human Resources, Rwanda
    Leading regional conservation initiative
  • Global Revenue Manager, Germany
    Supporting an indigenous peoples’ foundation in Central America
  • Head of Working Lands, Kenya
    Agriculture and forestry
  • Parks Director, Benin
    Leading conservation organisation

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Expanding the team at FSC Indigenous Foundation

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