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Our Expertise

Food Security

Our dedicated team specialises in identifying executives who lead transformative food security programs. With our extensive experience in executive search, we ensure your organisation has the strategic leadership needed to confront global food security challenges effectively.

Our Expertise
Our Sectors

For over a decade, we have partnered with leading organisations to tackle the complex issue of food insecurity. By providing tailored executive search services, we have helped these organisations build high-performing leadership teams that drive impactful food security programs. We support non-profits and NGOs dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food.

Addressing recruitment challenges:

Navigating the recruitment landscape for food security leadership roles presents unique challenges. The urgency of addressing food insecurity demands leaders who possess not only the requisite expertise but also a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of the issue. From developing sustainable agricultural practices to establishing resilient supply chains and advocating for policy change, the roles within food security initiatives require individuals who can drive innovation, collaboration, and impact.

The urgency of food security: 

The barriers to food security are felt globally, particularly in Africa, where the population is expected to double by 2050. The rapid increase in population, combined with the visible effects of climate change, necessitates urgent action. Rising food prices, disrupted supply chains, and the adverse impacts of climate change further exacerbate food insecurity. Immediate and strategic leadership is essential to mitigate these challenges and ensure sustainable food systems.

Our passion for food security:

At Millar Cameron, we are passionate about the importance of food security. Since our founding in 2007, we have partnered with clients across the public, private, and voluntary sectors whose work contributes to enhanced food systems. To meet the second Sustainable Development Goal of ending hunger, achieving food security, and promoting sustainable agriculture by 2030, a multi-faceted approach is essential to address both immediate and long-term threats. Our team is dedicated to identifying leaders who will drive critical changes in food security and are passionate about developing regional talent in areas where food systems are most vulnerable.

Our reach:

We proudly partner with a diverse array of organisations, including:

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Tackling food security and nutritional challenges globally.
  • Non-Profits: Supporting communities with food assistance and sustainable agriculture projects.
  • Research Institutions: Advancing agricultural practices and food security solutions.
  • Sustainability-Focused Companies: Addressing supply chain issues and promoting sustainable food production.

Partner with us for a sustainable future:

Unlock the potential to drive impactful change in food security with our specialised executive search support services. Praised by clients across industries, we offer a deep understanding of the complex global landscape and a commitment to delivering timely, quality service. With expertise in food security and a proven track record in identifying high-performing executives, we bring professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction.

Placed Roles

  • Country Director, Malawi
    Rural development project focusing on climate smart agriculture
  • Managing Director, Rwanda
    Strengthening smallholder farmers’ position in value chains
  • Country Agribusiness Program Manager, Tanzania
    Livestock smallholder farmer program
  • Vice President, Kenya
    Policy and state capability
  • Commodity Procurement Manager, Kenya
    Public-private partnership addressing malnutrition

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