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7th Feb 2023

Meet the Team: An Interview with Millar Cameron's Associate Consultant Rainer Middii

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7th Feb 2023

We sat down with Rainer Middii to discuss his career in executive search, his role at Millar Cameron, and the unique challenges and opportunities he sees in the executive recruitment market.

1. What's your current role at Millar Cameron?

I am an Associate Consultant, and my day-to-day tasks include supporting my colleagues in the mapping, qualification and preparation of candidates in the executive recruitment process. I am also engaged in the research of different markets and sectors and their evolving best practices.

2. Why executive search? What led you to a career in this space?

Supporting global and African organisations to place their leaders is a critical role. It is an enjoyable experience knowing that my work has impacted organisations we work with in a positive way.

Executive search is an engaging area to work in, as it presents different pressures and rewards on a daily basis. Interacting with people who are interested in scaling or changing their career to achieve their own personal goals and impact the world in a positive manner is a fulfilling exercise.

My desire was always to interact with people in a professional setting which led me to recently start studying for a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management at Kenyatta University. Prior to this, I gained a People Analytics certificate from Wharton School and I also qualified with a diploma and a higher diploma in Human Resource Management. This experience has helped me in my daily analysis of the professionals and personalities I speak to.


3. What made you choose Millar Cameron?

My desire to be part of a team with a proper culture was a major deciding factor. I saw Millar Cameron as a place with values and ethos that align with my own, so it made it an easy decision to join.

Supporting African and large global organisations with their talent searches, development and retention is something I enjoy every day.

4. How would you describe Millar Cameron and the work you do?

Millar Cameron is described as a Senior Leadership and Executive Search Consultancy. To me, it is a collective of great individuals who tirelessly work together to deliver the best outcomes in any given situation.

I am tasked with research, candidate mapping, candidate qualification and ultimately the preparation and placing of candidates.

But the process for Millar Cameron does not end once the candidate is placed - it is important for us to follow up with candidates to ensure the settling in period is going well. We keep in touch with all our candidates for 12 months to ensure that everything regarding their new role is running smoothly.

5. Millar Cameron are unique in their passion for and focus on roles in sub-Saharan Africa and emerging markets. Do you have a tie to these countries? What is the most unique or interesting aspect of working on roles across this region?

The potential in the African talent market is huge compared to other markets and it is growing at an exciting rate. The investment opportunities and the hunger and drive of the African talent market to go out into the world and make a positive impact is quite evident.

The most unique thing about working in sub-Saharan Africa is actively getting to see the impact of placements and the candidates we have placed within the organisations we work with.

6. Recruiting for senior management, director and c-suite positions requires a unique skill set. How do you prepare your candidates for the recruitment process at this level? 

Being able to understand the need of the clients for a particular role is important before going out to search. Understanding the desired outcomes for the individual will determine the next steps.

Open communication and accessibility have always been my olive branch to the candidates I interact with. This enables me to fully understand the needs of the candidate and ensure the role aligns with their desires.


7. Is there any one single placement which you are most proud of? Or feel has had the greatest impact on the communities you are so passionate about?

Two roles that really stand out are - The CTO role at the Forest Stewardship Council in Bonn, Germany and The Head of Road Logistics & Customs Brokerage East Africa.

Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit, multi-stakeholder organisation that promotes responsible management of the world’s forest via timber certification. The complexity of the role was a challenge I enjoyed and being able to have input in the leadership of such a reputable organisation is something I am really proud of.

Kuehne + Nagel has evolved from a traditional shipping company to a global logistics partner that offers highly specialised solutions for major industries worldwide. It was a great experience to interact with the leaders of the organization and support them filling this role.

8. What do you see as the biggest recruitment opportunity and conversely challenge, currently playing out within the market over the next 12 months?

The current changes within the technology sector, where more and more people are being laid off by tech giants provides a rich pool of candidates for adjacent industries to benefit from.

However, it has created a shift on the talent landscape within the technology sector as a whole and is influencing the narrative of Africa, especially East Africa as a global tech hub.

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