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Carbon and Climate

Our Expertise
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At Millar Cameron, we are passionate about developing our support for organisations and enterprises that are driven to address climate change and encourage carbon emission reduction in line with international targets and objectives stemming from the likes of COP26 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The growth of voluntary carbon markets has ushered in a wealth of opportunity for both development initiatives and social-impact companies to employ processes and projects which offset carbon intensive activity through carbon credit mechanisms. Through our extensive network across Africa helping organisations to develop leadership teams and incorporate diverse talent we aim to support initiatives such as cookstove projects, reforestation, blue carbon and carbon sequestration projects.

With a strong track record across agriculture, aquaculture, international development and power and infrastructure, Millar Cameron is well placed to support clients looking to develop carbon reduction projects in African markets and beyond. Our consultants are experienced in recruiting across Africa and have completed searches across 41 African countries.

International Development sub-sectors

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